Show Notes: Nuclear Throne


January 21, 2020

Track of the Show – Murine Corps, Cuphead

I’ve been effusive before about Cuphead’s extraordinary soundtrack, so it was great to share a little taste of it to you today. Murine Corps is a special track to me too – as I stated in the show, that stage was the first S rank I got in the game (I’ve only gotten two so far!). Hearing the OST version is great because in the game, the soundtrack is somewhat filtered to sound more old-timey, but when you hear the unmodified version you get a true appreciation for the quality of the players and the quality of the recording. Perfectly balanced with exceptional detail, the tracking, mix, and mastering engineers did a fantastic job with the audio all-around. I’ll be featuring Cuphead in the Gameplay section of the show in a couple of weeks, so come back to see the game in action – maybe I’ll get another S rank!

Gameplay – Nuclear Throne

  • Composer: Jukio Kallio (Bandcamp discography)
  • Also composed soundtrack for Minit, another indie game hit
  • Soundtrack available here

Nuclear Throne was one of the first indie games I really fell in love with, mostly because of its punishing difficulty. It’s not the kind of difficulty that makes me want to rage uninstall the game, however (looking at you They Are Billions); it makes me want to keep trying again and again until I finally finish the thing.

And I almost got there tonight! Argh! It had been so long since I got to the end of the game that I completely forgot what happened and didn’t even get a chance to fight the last boss! A second try almost got me to the last boss fight again – two games where I got to world 7 back to back? Seriously, my streaming audience was my good luck charm tonight – thank you!

I love the heavy, semi-lo-fi soundtrack that accompanies this game. It’s gritty and dirty and messy, but also heavy and desperate where it needs to be, much like the game itself. I like how the boss fight music is the same theme but with different window dressing and instrumentation, accompanying the climate you’re fighting in. A delight to listen to in game and out.

Performance – Want You Gone, Portal

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